Puma Stock - Fabarm RS 12

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The Shoot Off PUMA stock is THE ONLY 100% adjustable stock that has a built-in WEIGHT SYSTEM which means you can create the PERFECT BALANCE for the PERFECT SHOT!!!

– 5 in 1 regulation system (most adjustable stock on the market)

– built-in anti-recoil (don’t pay extra)

– lightest stock only 850g

– easy to use

– choice of 4 pads

– choice of colour (Red, Black, Blue & Silver),

– most attractive adjustable stock


Adjustment 1 - Cast: right and left camber of the comb and the butt plate.

Adjustment 2 - Cheek & toe: rotation of the comb and butt plate. 

Adjustment 3 - Stock height: Adjustment from top to bottom of the butt plate and front and rear of the comb. 

Adjustment 4 - Cheek height & length of pull: height of the comb and stock length (LOP).

Adjustment 5 - Pitch: Adjustment of the pitch to positive or negative.

This price includes:


Choice or grip - glove or pistol, 


choice of colour body - blue, black, silver or red


 choice of comb- wood or soft foam


choice of standard pad- sporting, flat trap or curved trap pad


Upgraded TGV split pad is extra $200


All models are available right or left-handed, the Puma Stock offers the choice of 5 different size grips. Taking into account the hand size of every shooter, calculate the internal palm width:


XS <85cm

S Size: 85 to 94mm

M Size: 95 to 104mm

L Size: 105 to 114mm

XL >114cm 

Shotgun Models


For the following gun make and models, Beretta 692 | Beretta 682 | Beretta 680 | Beretta 686 | Beretta DT10 | Beretta DT11 | Beretta ASE | Browning B525 | Browning B325 | Browning B425 | Browning Ultra XTR | Browning Ultra XS | Browning GTS | Browning B725 | Browning Protrap | Blazer F3 | Caesar Guerini | Summit | Invictus | Temper | Krieghoff K-80 | Perazzi MX Series | Perazzi MX8 | Perazzi MX2000 | Perazzi MX2005 | Perazzi High-Tech | Perazzi MX12 | Perazzi MXS | Zoli | Kronos | Zgun | Kemen KM4 | Miroku MK11| Miroku MK10 | Miroku MK70 | MK38 | MK70


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